Let’s face it; relationships nowadays can turn into both: our greatest joy and our greatest misery in life. Humans are social animals and, at a certain point in time, seeks companionship and love. 

Bollywood movies were the ones to carve the first impression of romantic relationships on our minds. The villain kidnaps the heroine, and the hero protects her; they fall in love and then live happily ever after. But the scenario doesn’t apply in real-life. There is a difference between fictionality and reality, and that’s what millennials need to understand.

Love is not as simple as narrated in the movies and involves a lot of trial & error, compromising, and swallowing one’s pride. In a nutshell, being in a love relationship is complicated. 

A relationship starts when two people share mutual feelings of love. Everything is new, sweet, and good at the start, but as time passes, many problems enter the relationship and shake it, resulting in people growing apart. The situation can be avoided if you and your partner are committed to making your relationship work. It always takes two hands to clap, right?

Here are five things essential for a Healthy Relationship

It takes a few seconds to fall in love, a few days to enter into a relationship but a lifetime of effort to maintain a relationship with your partner. You need to put your every effort to create a concrete foundation for your relationship from where it can grow stronger every day.

To help you direct your efforts in the right direction, here we are listing down five important things required to make things work well between you and your partner.


Trust is a big thing, and it is what makes relationships thrive. If you don’t trust your partner and always question them for their actions, you can never be happy. Before getting into a relationship, you first need to learn how to trust people. If there have been scenarios where your partner has given you reasons to mistrust, then you should get to the root of truth and plan your actions accordingly. But without knowing the whole truth, don’t react based on your judgment. In addition to this, the rule of trust goes both ways. You must also be honest and truthful to your partner and maintain the required transparency in the relationship.


Without respect, no relationship can survive. Respecting your partner is the best thing you can do to win their heart over and over again. Still, there are people who criticize their partners for various things and fight over the differences they share. Things don’t work like this if you want a healthy and lifetime of companionship. You must learn that perfection is a myth, and to maintain a happy relationship, you must respect the options, preferences, and decisions taken by your partner.


How long can a relationship survive without love? Weeks or let’s say a few months. But do you really want to get into something where you don’t feel wanted? Your answer must be a big NO. Every relationship flourishes from the mutual love and affection the partners have for each other, and that is what makes a bond stronger. Who in the whole universe doesn’t like to get pampered, loved, and feel important to someone? Make your partner know how you feel for them, how important they are to you, and how much you admire their qualities. All these things you share with your partner will come back to you and strengthen your bond with them.


Giving attention to your partner and being all ears to all the stuff they want to share with you is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. When you give attention to the other person, they feel special, valued, and loved. In addition to this, when you listen to what’s going on in their mind and what’s happening in their life, you get to know them better, and that is what makes the two people come closer. This will also give your partner a sense of security as they will know that no matter what happens in their life, there will always be a person who will listen to their endless talking and understand their feelings.


Communication is the most underrated thing in a relationship. Most people don’t realize that the lack of communication can choke the bond they share and result in separation. Couples give silent treatment when they fight or get angry instead of resolving issues. This makes things worse. Communication acts as the foundation of a healthy relationship; the more you communicate, the more you understand each other. Without communication, you will not know what your partner feels, and the same can lead to misunderstandings and more disputes. Additionally, communication has to be two way. You and your partner must express the feelings and emotions you both have for each other. 

May your love triumph over everything else

Love combined with trust, communication, respect, and attention can help you create a strong bond. Having all these qualities in your relationship can make you stand out as a couple. Make your relationship all about love and respect instead of control and power. 

Learn to appreciate your partner, cherish their strengths, talent, and uniqueness, and be grateful for having them in your life if you want to make your relationship bliss.