10 Motivational Ideas for Preparing Students before Competitive Exams

Board exams are one of the first formal assessments that largely determine the career path of a student. Students require preparing for multiple subjects and have to score high in each of them to get a good aggregate percentage. This percentage plays a major role in deciding as to which stream a student shall take up moving further. There is a lot of pressure to perform well in these exams. This continuous pressure causes stress and anxiety among students. Unable to cope-up with this pressure, many students get de-motivated and are unable to concentrate.

Here are ten motivational ideas to help students keep their energy levels high and stay motivated:

1- Set Targets

Setting targets is a good way to stay motivated. When you have a set goal, you work hard to achieve it. Each time your zeal to study and perform well in the exams dips, the target set by you brings you back to form and motivates you to study hard.  

2- Go for Group Studies

Group studies are a good way to take a break from the mundane self study sessions and boost motivation. It is advised to go for group study sessions every once in a while. However, make sure the group you choose consists of bright students who are driven to score high. Being in company of such students will keep you motivated and will help you study better. Group study sessions are a good way to assess your knowledge, clarify your doubts and improvise. 

3- Test Your Knowledge

Testing your knowledge gives you the boost you require to study with all the more vigour. You can test your knowledge by solving sample papers and previous years’ question papers. This will help you recognize your weak areas and motivate you to improve on the same.  

4- Reward Yourself

It is a good idea to reward yourself each time you achieve a goal. The reward can be anything from having an ice cream to watching an episode of your favourite web series. The excitement to win the reward will keep you motivated to study hard to reach the set target quickly.

5- Take Short Breaks

Studying for hours at a stretch can drain your energy and mar your ability to concentrate. You will not be able to learn your lessons properly and may begin to feel de-motivated if you follow this approach. It is best to take a short break after every two hours in order to study efficiently. Just go for a short walk, do some deep breathing exercises or talk to a friend or family member for rejuvenation. 

6- Drink Lots of Fluid and Have a Balanced Diet

Drinking lots of fluids helps in keeping your energy levels high. It is suggested to have eight-ten glasses of water each day. Besides, have some healthy drinks such as fresh fruit juices, buttermilk and coconut water. Also, don’t forget to have a well-balanced diet to keep going through the day. Try to avoid oily, fried and sugary food as these can make you feel lethargic and hamper work.

7- Read Motivational Quotes

It is a good idea to compile some quotes that motivate and inspire you to work hard and achieve your goals. Write them neatly on a paper and stick it in your study room. Read these everyday to boost motivation.

8- Take Proper Sleep

One of the biggest mistakes students make is that they compromise on their sleep to increase their study hours. This does more harm than good. Lack of sleep makes you lose focus and hampers your performance. It is suggested to take complete 7-8 hours of sleep each day in order to study efficiently.

9- Exercise

You may be very busy with the exam preparation but it is suggested to squeeze in half an hour each day to exercise. Exercising lowers the stress level and energizes the body. It motivates you to work hard. 

10- Indulge in Your Favourite Activity

Studying continually for days can be exhausting. It can make you feel dull and de-motivated. While you cannot plan an outing or indulge in your favorite activities frequently due to time constraints, it is suggested to take some time off every ten to fifteen days to do so. Take half a day off and visit a friend, go out with your family, watch a movie, or just indulge in any activity of your choice. This will help you rejuvenate and get back to your studies with enthusiasm.

The motivational ideas shared here are simple but can be quite effective if followed diligently. So, incorporate these in your routine to stay motivated and perform well in your exams. Good Luck!